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We are located in the Valley of the Sun also known as Phoenix, Arizona. Our base location is in Tempe, Arizona, which is in the East Side of the Valley. Just like Phoenix, Click And Go Solutions has been steadily growing. We currently serve a client base that expands the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Our Team

Diversity is the key. As our clients needs expand and change, so does our team. Borders do not cause us to limit our ability to quickly and efficiently solve a client’s unique challenge. We have developers and database specialists not only locally and throughout the United States but also in Australia, India, Russia and the United Kingdom.

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TrustGauge reviewed our website and gave us their top rating in trustworthiness - a perfect 10! A score of 10 from TrustGauge means, "Substantial information and contact resources provided; recognized as very trustworthy by others."

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Click & Go Solutions is a multiple Nominee for the Maestro Award of Excellence.

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Click & Go Solitions is a multiple recipient of the NetMechanic's Star Performer Award.

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"Your Internet site has been reviewed and rated by The McKinley Group's online editorial team. Our professional writing staff has determined that your site has excelled in each of our criteria for evaluating web sites: Depth of Content, Ease of Exploration and Net Appeal. Therefore, we are delighted to designate Click & Go Solutions a "Magellan Four-Star" site. This is the highest rating an Internet site can achieve in Magellan, Mckinley's comprehensive Internet Directory of nearly 2 million sites and reviews."

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It is with great pride that we announce that Click & Go Solutions is a duel WINNER of the Majon Web Select "TOP AWARD" and the WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD".

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Click & Go Solutions is a Top Performer in Search Engine Optimization. We conduct ourseleves according to the SEO Standards of Conduct.

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