Here are a few links that our staff uses throughout the day.

Click SEO
Click SEO Solutions has many search engine solutions to boost your search engine placement.

Click Web Testing
Click Web Testing is a web application security testing service that is available to individuals, companies, and educational institutions.

Smash the Computer
Have fun and relieve tension by beating up the computer.

Practice BlackJack
Have fun and relieve tension by playing BlackJack.

President's Challenge
The President's Challenge takes staying active beyond the school gym, and into everyday life.The programs offer a personal activity log to track your progress online along with awards for reaching your goals.

Sitting Stretches
Stretches you can do while you are on the site and still sitting down.

Lowback Stretches
Stretches you can do while you are on the site that stretch and strengthen the lowback.

Van Aken Pet Hospital
Van Aken Pet Hospital is a highly recommended vet clinic and hospital located in west Phoenix.

Maryvale Kennels
Maryvale Kennels is a highly recommended pet boarding facility located in west Phoenix.

Wynn Insurance Agency
Wynn Insurance Agency specializes in property, casualty, health and life insurance. They are a family run firm and are located in Texas and Arizona.

Link Exchange
Please use our contact page to submit your site for consideration to our link exchange program.